Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jodi Needs

I saw this game on another site, and decided to play. You put "Yourname Needs" on a search engine site (Like google) and post the top 10 results. Here are mine.
Jodi Needs;
1) deliverance from lust, unforgiveness, and the mental attacks (umm, sure)
2) someone experienced to work with her (yeah, like an RE or social worker?)
3) to excuse herself from the table, and leave through the nearest exit (Amen)
4) a ticket to ride (to rider what??)
5) a therapist much more than she needs a coach (probably. Although I could use both)
6) some fun (you can say that again!)
7) Support (yes, but thankfully I have it)
8) Help again (I think I'm beyond help )
9) a dog (got one. Don't need another one!)
10) to understand that it isn't all or nothing. (very true. this is a hard one for me)

Mine didn't turn out as funny as Larisa's. Still pretty silly though! The funny part was when I typed this into google, 3 other blogs playing the same game came up! Go figure!


Jodi Mikel said...

hi! my name is Jodi, too, and when I heard of this game, I tried it and thought the results were pretty funny as well! I just did it again for kicks and found your page... Just thought I'd stop in and say hello from Florida (by way of Texas).