Thursday, June 14, 2007

And it still goes down hill...

Well, things went from bad to worse on Saturday. All day I had some cramping on my left side, but didn't think anything of it since the ectopic was on the right side. My bf brought over dinner, and we ate at about 6. At about 6:55 I went to the bathroom, and had some heavier spoting. At about 7 my back started really hurting, so I went back to the bathroom. On the walk from the couch to the bathroom the pain started spreading round my back to my hip. I got into the bathroom, and there was a ton of blood and huge clots (sorry TMI). The pain had radiated to my right abdomen...not a good sign. I paged my doctor. I was pale, shakey, sick to my stomach, and in a ton of pain. E called 911. My doctor called back and I told her E called 911. She said she would meet us at the hospital. The ff and paramedics were so nice. They told me I would be fine and got me hooked up to 2 ivs. I got 6cc morphine...I was very giddy off that! I talked a lot! Everyone said I was really funny! So, my dr met us in the ER, and I was then prepped for surgery. It was 7:45 when they wheeled me in for surgery. I woke up in recovery at midnight. They had to do a full incision (similiar to a c-section, but a little wider) to remove my right tube.I was hemmoraging and my tube was nearly burst. I was in a bad situation, it's a really good thing E called 911.
The first day after the surgery I was on a full liquid diet, and I had a morphine drip that I could press the button whenever I had pain. It was very nice, I was very comfortable. Monday, they took the morphine away. My pain was a little harder to manage with just vicodin and motrin, but I was doing ok. Then AF came. Can't I get a break?!
I came home Tuesday, and just rested. I'm now on 6 weeks of disability. I can't drive for 2 weeks, and E took 1 week of vacation to stay home with me.
I will never get pregnant again. My right tube was the only viable tube, and now it is gone. I'm ok though. I will adopt a baby that needs us way more than we needed this baby. I will miss experiencing being pregnant, but even if I had kept the tube, the chances of the same thing happening on my next pregnancy was 60%. I feel relief that I will never have to experience this kind of pain again. I am happy I got to experience what morning sickness, breast tenderness, and pg tiredness is like. I had all that. I'm ok with not having that again. Now, I just want to be a mom.


dmarie said...

I'm so sorry. I really admire your strength and positive attitude.

Larisa said...

I am so so sorry. I'm sorry I missed this when it happened, and I'm really sorry your doctor didn't just do the surgery to begin with.

Thinking of you.