Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am...

A bad blogger, I know that. I don't update enough. I don't have anything to update though! No news. House is still on the market so we can't progress with the adoption process. No sold house, no move.
On the positive side, we have another showing today. We are the most shown house that our realtor has why hasn't it freaking sold!?! I try to tell myself to be patient, with this market it just takes longer...but I'm not a patient person, so it's very hard!
On another note, I have managed to really piss off AF. She came on May 13, left on the 18th, then returned on the 23rd in the form of heavy spotting with occasional blood. Couldn't she just leave me alone? I'm STILL SPOTTING. Not cool. I have to go to the dr on Wednesday to see what kind of crap my body is doing to me this time. Frustrating. Can't my body just cooperate? I mean, it can't give me a baby, so can't it just do everything else right? Wouldn't that be the nice thing to do? grrr.
I'm so excited. I'm going Here next month. I won the trip on Wheel 0f F0rtune in December, and the show aired in March. I also won $10000 cash, it was so freaking awesome! I didn't post about it on here because I didn't want some freak to find my blog and watch me on tv...sorry to those who would have liked to watch it, it just wasn't worth the risk to me. I hope you all understand!
Also, I'm a freaking Greys Ana.tomy adict. I can't stop watching it! I started watching it this year, and had to borrow my friends copy of seasons 1 and 2 so I would be completely caught up. Now its off for the summer and I'm going through withdrawls. Come back already! :)
Well, I better get back to cleaning. I need a spotless house for the showing today. I'd say I'll try to post more, but I'm not really good at keeping that promise. I'll do my best...hopefully I'll have time to post on Thursday to update from my doctors appointment.
Oh yeah, Hell's Kitchen starts on Monday! I love that show! WooHoo!


Kristina said...

OMG, I'm such a GA freak! :) Also, regarding your house... if it hasn't sold yet it's usually PRICE! Think about dropping it down if you need a sale. That is icky though. Also be sure to get rid of any 'personal' items and keep all your windows open for good lighting. Keeping a house clean while selling is SUCH a hassle. Have FUN on your trip! That is so exciting and you deserve it with such crazy things in your life.