Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yes, that's me. Big fat loser.
Sorry I've been MIA. I haven't felt much like posting, to be honest.
The wedding came and went, it was beautiful, without a single hitch. And SIL was very grateful for everything I did, and told me many times. I was so wonderful. I was very happy.
We have also made a huge decision! We are moving to Colorado! It's a big change from sunny CA, but I can't wait! I'm ready to get away from this state! The people are rude (not everyone, so don't be offended, but a majority). I hate heat, so the weather sucks. Life is so fast paced, and I'm looking for a more laid back way of life. I can't wait. The house has been on the market 3 weeks, and we have a lady meeting with the loan officer tomorrow, then she will make an offer. That is really fast for the kind of market we are having right now. Keep your fingers crossed for us.
On the adoption front, we are going to wait until we get to CO to do anything. We can't get home approval until we have a home, so it will have to wait. We do have the names of 2 companies that do fost-adopt for very low cost ($250-$1000). We can afford that! So, since we are moving in late June/July we will start the process as soon as we get out there!

Hoping everything is going well for all of you in blog land!


Kristina said...

Glad to hear from you that things are going well!