Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And the optimism continues...

RE Appointment went well. I REALLY like him and his staff. They are all so very nice and positive!
I had a t/v u/s to start, and he told me my eggs look wonderful. I actually have one ready to be released, and it was perfect!
Too bad it will never reach my uterus. And I mean that very seriously. He looked at my HSG and surgery results. Both tubes are very infected, and the one that isn't blocked is abnormal. I need to have both removed, or I will never get pregnant. I realize something I always knew deep down...that I wll never get pregnant without help. He told me that the infected tubes have bad fluid in them that spills into the uterus and makes it a bad environment for embryos. Plus, he said the tubes are one of the main factors that causes my horrible cramping and the pain I have throughout the month, so almost all of that will go away.
So, in January I'm having another laparascopy to have both fallopian tubes removed. 6 weeks later we will move onto IVF.
Oh, and the dr said with the looks of my uterus, eggs, and ovaries, and with dh's beautiful sperm, we have a seventy yes, I said 70 percent chance of the IVF working the first time!!!!! Can you believe those odds? I don't think they can get much better than that!!!

So, a great doctor, and great results. GREAT day...


Monkey said...

Yay for having a plan! I'm sure its nice to have some stuff to look forward to. The best of luck to you and dh.

In Due Time said...

Woo Hoo! I am hoping and praying for ya girlie!! Hugs!

Larisa said...

That's great! I'm guessing you have hydrosalpinxes?

I'm so glad the RE is optimistic - if I can do this, you can.

Best of luck.

M said...

That is AWESOME news about IVF. Good for you! I hope you are lucky and get pg on try #1!