Friday, August 25, 2006


Ok, so yesterday was full of events that seemed like signs to me. I can't help it...these were just crazy...
1) A girl at worked said she had this "feeling" that I would be pg within the next 3 months. Ok, not really a sign, but good to hear :)
2) At lunch I was reading Redbook. This month there was a exerpt from a book about a girl that doesn't want kids, but ends up pg and is happy about it. Meanwhile her sister is struggling with infertility and isn't exactly happy. What kind of sign is this? I don't know, but I just find it odd that the day after I amke an RE appointment I find this in a magazine. Is my SIL going to get pg before me? Or does it mean that I just need to be happy for people, no matter the pain I feel?
3) I went to Barnes and Noble to get the book "When Nature's Not Enough". I find the book, and head to the cashier. When I get up there, with my book on not getting pregnant, there is a display with no less thank 15 books on being pg. A pregnancy journal, happiest baby on the block, baby names book, what to expect, your pg week by week...if you've heard of a pg book, it was there. And there were even more behind the counter! I felt like it was a sign. "You're buying this infertility sign now, but be patient, this is what you'll be buying next".

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm just looking for hope. Either way, I'm feeling pretty positive about my RE appointment on Tuesday. I believe these doctors will get me pg.