Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Doing well

I'm doing well, healing well. I'm going back to work 3 days earlier than originally planned. It's funny, as much as I have a love/hate relationship with work, I miss it. They even called yesterday to let me know they miss me and can't wait to have me back. Aww.
Monday was my first big day out since the surgery. My mom, Ruby and I went shopping. I hit the motherload! We first went to Gots/chalks. We found this dress I LOVED...but the tag said $134! Ok, some of you might be thinking "So". But, I just can't shop like that. I'm a bargain shopper, and just can't spend that much on clothes/shoes. So, my mom insisted I get it, because it said 60% off. It ended up being $37.99!!! I scored! I ended up with shorts, capris, a shirt, and 2 dresses for $125! Less than regular price of one dress! I got a bunch of other stuff because we are going on a cruise next month.. They are getting in all their fall/winter clothes so I had to get the summer clothes while I can!
We also finished the mural and painting of the babies room. We finished this over a month ago, but I just remembered to blog about it! Now we are shopping for furniture. We have limited space, so we are trying to find something that will fit nice in the room. We need a dresser/changing table combo, a crib, and a glider/rocker. We've found one we really like, but we need to look at a local store before we order it. We'll see. The picture above is the mural. I hope you all like it!!! I do! I can't wait to have the rest of the room in order. I don't want to spend the few days we have after a referral running around putting stuff together, so that will be one less thing to worry about. I'll try to remember to post a picture after we have the room all set up!
Other than that, nothing going on. Not much exciting to blog about when you sit on your butt watching TV and trying to heal!!!

2 comments: said...

glad you are doing better!

that mural = PRICELESS!! it's adorable, jodi! it is perfect!

i'm so excited about you being excited about getting all the new stuff for your baby's nursery - is that weird of me? i'm just SUPER happy for you that you are gonna be a mommmy soon!

enjoy your cruise

Topcat said...

Hey Jodi! I LOVE the name of your blog. Sometimes I think it to myself, in a very Dory-like way.

So glad to hear you are on the mend, my goodness, what a big scare you've been through, you poor thing! Awesome score on the clothes.