Monday, September 08, 2008

In/Un/Not Fertile.

Within the last year 2 of my in real life friends have confided in me their fertility issues. And I am so glad they had someone to confide in thats been there. BUT...

IT PISSES ME OFF. Seriously. Infertility pisses me off. It bull shit. It's crap. It should NEVER happen. I care about these two women very much. They shouldn't have to deal with it! When they told me...I cried. Not in front of them, but at home and for them. I wept. Shoulder shaking gasping for air sobbed for their pain.
I know what they are going through. Months of treatments. Meds that give hot flashes, cramping, moodiness. And months of complete total nearly unsurvivable heartache. If I could take it away from them and give them the babies they so desire, I would. In a heartbeat.

I remember reading in a book once, one of the many books I've read on dealing with infertility, and it states that everyone will beat it. Everyone will win. In one way or another. Whether it is by getting pregnant, adoption, surrogacy, or living child free, one way or another, you will be infertility.
While we haven't received our child. We are still waiting on the final draft of our homestudy to be on the waiting list. I feel like we are close. I feel like we've almost beat it. It's a good feeling.

I CAN'T wait for my friends to beat it. They read this blog, I don't know how often, but I know they read it. I want them to know I love them, and I'm pulling for them.