Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's worse?

So, one of the girls from another board I visit miscarried today, and my heart is breaking for her.
I realized that, even though it was harding letting go fo the thought of ever getting pregnant, that is easier then getting pregnant and losing the child you love with all your heart.
I am counting my blessings that I won't ever have to experience such an extreme pain.

On a positive note. I got another shower invitation today. This one is a bridal shower though. It's going to be weird. Its for a girl that is marrying this guy I grew up with that is like my big brother. She is a couple years younger then me, and was always this big dork. She was even in my girl scout troup. It's just weird to see her and T together. Odd. I'm actually a little nervous about going to the shower, but one of my best friends is Ts sister, and my mom will be there. I just don't really know this girl all that well anymore. But, like I said, T is like my big brother. So I'll go.

I also picked out the gift I'm getting for the young pg cousin. I can't go to the shower because we are going out of town, but I really wanted to get her a gift. I'm sending her the bath tub she registered for. I figure, the more pratical the better!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. It helps knowing when someone understands that it is sooo hard to lose that baby you love so much. Even if he/she was sooo young....there was already such a bond. I feel so much for people struggling with fertility issues. I'm not sure which is worse..they both suck! I hope that this time next year we'll both be holding healthy little way or another!