Saturday, January 17, 2009


I swear. I can't catch a break.
Our doggie had to have surgery yesterday. He blew a ligment in his leg and had to have major surery to replace it. He'll be in one of thos collar things for 2 weeks until the stapels come out.

He'll be confined to his crate for 60 days while he heals. It's horrible. This morning he was trembling and shaking from the pain. Now he's heavily sedated and on lots of pain meds.

It's heartbreaking. He's so out of it, and in so much pain. He peed on the carpet about an hour ago because he wasn't steady enough to walk outside, then he just flopped over on the ground.

The surgery wasn't optional, he wouldn't walk on the leg, but it still breaks my heart.
Oh, and he still won't eat, so I have to shove his pills down his throat.

My mom said this all proves I'll make a wonderful mom because I'm doing whatever I can, even if it hurts me, to make him more comfortable and better. I hope she's right, because this is what comes natural. I don't have to think about it, I just do it.

I've cried off and on all day because he'll wince or whine. How am I going to watch my baby in major pain for 60 days?! Ugh


Amanda said...

I'm sorry Big. It's no fun to be sick with worry when your baby is going through such pain. I will be praying for Deisel and a speedy recovery!

lovemytannerman said...

Poor puppy, I hope he feels better soon!

june@craftyniche said...

I'm sorry about your dog. :( I'm sending healing thoughts your way.