Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Almost Done!!!

Wow, it has been too long since I've updated you all! Sorry!!!
Time sure flies when you are busy. And that we have been. We've spent a long time in classes, and doing homework for those classes. And we are DONE!
We had our first Licensing appointment. That is where they come out and check your home to make sure it is good enough for the baby. The house itself passed, but the garage and back yard didn't. So, we had to move some stuff around and throw some stuff away. She'll be out again on Thursday, then we will officially be LICENSED! Yay!
Also on Thursday, we start our homestudy. This one is a little scary. We've been warned that it is a very intense appointment. They interview us. No biggie. But they dig deep. Really deep. They ask you personal information about your life growing up, your family, your health, your marriage. It's kinda scary, but we have nothing to hide. Also, they are going to dig pretty deeply into the issue of our infertility and the pregnancy loss we experienced. The reason for that is they want to make sure that you are at peace with what has happened, they don't want you adopting to try to replace the child you could have had. Which we aren't. We are adopting to be parents to a child who needs us, not to replace the child we couldn't have. So we are prepared for their questions.
Also, the most exciting part. We are licensed for 2. Yes, we might be crazy, but we are thinking about the possiblity of taking on siblings. This is not something we are decided about, but something we are tossing around. We are sure we are open for twins, it's just the siblings we are trying to decide about....I'll try to update again after our appointments next Thursday! Wish us luck!!!