Sunday, November 04, 2007


We are officially on our way to becoming parents!
Yesterday we had our Taking Care of Business Day. We got our parenting application, adoption application, foster home application, criminal history, live scan (fingerprinting), TB test, and schedule of classes done!
This week we start our classes, which we will finish Feb 2. We have 8 classes!
Next month, we have our licensing training. They go over everything we need to have done to our home to be licensed. Then the will come out and do our home study to make sure our home is safe enough for the baby.
We still have our health form, this odd questionaire (the questions are so bizarre!), and our autobiography to complete. We have 90 days to complete those forms.
Once we have everything complete, we will be "paper pregnant" and all we will have left to do is wait!
Yay for us, I'm so excited!
And, the 16th is our 5 year anniversary. This is a great month!


Angela said...

hey girl, that's wonderful!! you sound so excited, i can just read it in your words!!

please keep updating - i'm excited to hear about your journey!

Amanda said...

YAY for the next step in becoming a mommy! I am SO excited for you! Keep us updated as you go through the process!!

June said...

I am so happy for you!!

Ann said...

IT's been a long time. I'm excited to hear that you are taking steps to parenthood. This is going to be such an exciting time in your lives.

Sandra said...

Yay for moving forward.

I have moved and can now be found at

Wishing for a speedy process!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Horray for moving forward! I wish you all the best.