Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hey all, I know I've been MIA for a while.
I'm doing much better. Feeling much better. Still healing, both mentally and physically, but I can now walk down the baby isle without hesitation!
We've decided against IVF for now. It wasn't a pregnancy I wanted, it was THAT pregnancy. So, we have decided to adopt. We don't know how, which method, but we are adoption. We are looking at international through Guatemala, or private, or FostAdopt. Mostly, we just know we want a baby. We know we will be parents, now it's just a matter of getting this thing off the ground.
I'm feeling optimistic again. I missed this feeling.
Oh, and we aren't moving. Market sucks, and our contract expired, so we are fixing up this house and making it home...and I'm ok with that. We are near our families, which will be nice when the little one comes.
Oh, and I bought him/her bibs today. OMG....that is breaking my biggest rule. Can you tell how excited/optimistic I am? I bought freaking BIBS!