Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I know I have been a really bad blogger. I haven't posted in 2 weeks. Mainly because things have been pretty sucky around here.
Hopefully we will be moving onto our original plan of surgery first of January, then off to IVF. We still need to figure out how we are going to finance it. Hopefuly we will have that all figured out by November....hopefully.
I'm doing pretty good at remaining optimistic. I really do believe this will work. My only problem is I, for some reason I don't understand, am really hoping for twins. Probably because I'm pretty sure we won't be able to go through this again. I will be happy with one though. One baby of our own, one baby that I can look at and see my husband and myself, will make all of the pain, surgeries, and cost worth it.


Ann said...

For some reason, no matter what you decide, it will just work out. Good luck

M said...

Jodi- I completely understand your wanting twins. I thought that's what I wanted too. I also thought that being pg with twins would give me a better chances of ending up with at least one healthy baby. But, for some reason that second embryo didn't stick around, and I'm more than happy to be pregnant with one.
I don't know that I can go through all of it again either, as much as Mike would like to have a little boy.
Everything you are feeling is normal.